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The Bits & Pieces Timeless Wisdom Set

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This special collection contains six booklets from the Bits & Pieces Timeless Wisdom Series.

The bits & pieces timeless wisdom set (cover image)   These booklets contain stories you can use in speeches, quotes that will inspire you and your staff and the shortest, most succinct self-help book ever on positively changing your life and career.

The Timeless Wisdom Series includes:

  • How to Use Stories, Anecdotes, and Quotes to Motivate, Persuade and Inspire
  • The Three Most Powerful Words in the English Language
  • The Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time... in 10 Words or Less
  • Wow! What a Great Story
  • Persistence
  • Hope

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This book, Starting Out: Quotes to inspire your success, brings you quotes for the high school graduate, the college graduate, or anyone beginning anew. Encourage your loved ones with this keepsake book.

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